WordPreSSI is an authentication plugin enabling ESSIF/SSI Verifiable Credentials for logging into WordPress sites.

In order to encourage adoption of SSI among users, we believe that some bridges are needed between the old and the new way of handling identities. In this context the importance of our project lies in its relevant social impact as WordPress currently powers 39% of websites at global level.

Beside scalability, WordPreSSI:

  • give back to users the control over their own data, ensuring a privacy-by design decentralized passwordless login system and enabling simpler and more secure Internet transactions: users will login minimizing the sharing of personal data and without relying on centralized parties for storage and management.
  • significantly increase security for all WordPress sites. With the current system, all the WordPress sites have repository of usernames and password, which are subject to serious risk of hacking. With our plugin, passwords will no longer be stored on the servers as credentials are passed at the start of user sessions via VC. In addition, we give the option to webmasters to requests, via a claim at login, a key which is held only by the user in its wallet to decrypt server-side user data during the user session only (data-at-rest encryption).
  • will give the community of open source developers the opportunity to extend the plugin with other functionalities.

    Country: Italy
    Further information: https://associazioneblockchain.it
    Team: Associazione Blockchain Italia

    GitLab: https://gitlab.grnet.gr/essif-lab/infrastructure_2/blockchain-italia