Open calls

eSSIF-Lab will launch 3 open calls:


“Infrastructure-oriented Call” will target the provision of open source components, for example the SSI-Roles layer, the SSI Protocols or the Crypto layer. Interoperability, scalability or features that provide generic business benefits are required.

This call is open to innovators in SSI domain and will fund selected projects up to €155K

First deadline has passed, but this call remains open. You can submit your application until 4th January 2021 at 13:00 (Brussels time) and, after that, there will be another deadline on 30th June 2021. 


“First Business-oriented Call” will focus on the extension of the eSSIF-Lab basic infrastructure/architecture with business solutions that makes it easy for organizations to deploy and/or use SSI, reduce business risks, facilitate alignment of business information, etc.

Call is open to SMEs and startups and selected projects will be invited to join an 8-month acceleration programme, structured in 3 competitive stages. Those reaching the last one can get equity-free funding up to €106K.

This call is now closed.


“Second Business-oriented Call” will be open to SMEs and startups developing commercial SSI-based applications and services with focus in the verticals of HealthTech, eGovernment, Education or competing in the generic track of Open Disruptive Innovation.

Call is expected to launch in late spring 2021.
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