SSI Java Libraries

Danube Tech has been building SSI technologies and solutions for several years, for example by launching the Universal Resolver open-source project at DIF, or by participating in the eSSIF-Lab Business call, where we worked on a SaaS platform for creating and resolving DIDs. In these various efforts, we have consistently relied on a set of basic open-source components that implement DIDs, Verifiable Credentials, and related building blocks for the SSI ecosystem. These independently implemented components include jsonld-common-java, did-common-java, ld-signatures-java, verifiable-credentials-java, key-formats-java. All of them need more work in several areas, and additional components are currently being planned. In this project, we will improve and complete these libraries, which will result in the availability of a high-quality and generic set of open-source Java components for higher-level SSI applications and services.

Country: Austria
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Team: Danube Tech GmbH