eSSIF-Lab has already kicked-off the programme for the 7 proposals selected, out of the 36 that were submitted before the first deadline of the Infrastructure-oriented Open Call, to contribute with open source technical enhancements and extensions of the SSI Framework of the project. These are:

BRIDGE by SICPA Spain S.L.U. BRIDGE for ledger-agnostic interoperable issuance and verification of W3C verifiable credentials. SICPA Logo
Capability Based Authorization System by Jolocom A capabilities-based authorization system, utilizing DIDs, Verifiable Credentials, Verifiable Presentations, etc. Jolocom1
eSSIF- TRAIN by Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft Trust Management Infrastructure Component. FraunhoferIAO
Evernym Open Sourcing Project by Evernym UK Open sourcing Evernym’s credential exchange platform. evernym
Self-Sovereign IDentity Online by UBICUA Online password less authentication based on SSI and FIDO2. UBICUA
SSI eIDAS Bridge by Validated ID, S.L. An eIDAS bridge, which is a component that proposes to enhance the legal certainty of any class of verifiable credentials. ValidatedID
Verifiable Credential Authority by NYM Srl A DLT/blockchain independent platform to Issue and Verify certified attributes and claims, under different formats, and for any SSI system. Nym

The Infrastructure Development Instrument will support these innovators to provide scalable and interoperable open source SSI components for eSSIF-Lab Framework with up to € 155,000 funding.

Selected companies under this instrument will have the opportunity to take part in a very active and collaborative ecosystem with other eSSIF-Lab participants to:

  • improve framework’s vision, architecture, specifications etc.
  • ensure interoperability (at the technical and process levels) and
  • address each other’s issues jointly.

Would you like to join them?

Infrastructure-oriented Open Call is still admitting applications (the next deadline is on 4th January 2021)

Follow the updates of this initial batch of winners, about the current open call and about the next deadline (on June 2021) in the eSSIF-Lab space of the NGI Online Community!