After a tough competition among interesting proposals and 2 days of intense on-line Hackathon, eSSIF-Lab has selected 15 best projects out of the 19 who succeed in the open call to join the 2nd stage of its First Business-oriented Programme:

CommercioKYC by Easy KYC with Self-Sovereign Identity.
Universal DID SaaS by Danube Tech Building a hosted service that allows developers to easily work with Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs), without having to set up their own infrastructure. DanubeTech
SSI-enabled “Contractual Event” Passport by Domi Labs Enabling businesses to integrate SSI into their contractual record management processes. Domi Labs
e-Origin Wallet by e-Origin Digital wallet of verifiable credentials for the products’ origin.
Gataca Connect by Gataca España Trusted Single Sign On for a human-centric Internet. Gataca
SSI4DTM by JoinYourBit Self-Sovereign Identity for Digital Transaction Management: a Digital Transaction Management platform to execute any cross-border transactions: NDAs, contracts, bids, etc. JoinYourBit
Universal Backup Service (UBS) for SSI Agents by Jolocom A vendor-neutral, plug-and-play component for equipping SSI Agents with a service to generate interoperable backups of end user data. Jolocom1
SSI-as-a-Service by Netis Simplifying SSI integration and adoption. Netis
Gaya by NYM srl Supports public notaries to remotely incorporate Limited Liability Company, providing all the tools they need to apply digital transformation to their business. Nym
NYM Credentials for Self-Sovereign Identity by Nym Technologies A bulletin-board and search system for privacy-enhanced services NymTech
Digital ID and signatures by Off-Blocks Onboarding businesses and organizations in a self-sovereign world through user-friendly and low-cost control over trusted digital identities, verified credentials and digital signatures. Off-blocks
IRIS – Discourse Community Credentials by Resonate Beyond Streaming A Discourse plugin that allows SIOP OIDC login and community-friendly transparent recognition, award and governance of verifiable credentials as user-friendly ‘badges’. resonate
Dynamic Data Sharing Hub with Consent Flow by The Human Colossus Foundation Brings SSI benefits to the wider economy by enabling a privacy preserving full data life cycle including consent. HumanColossuss1
Trusted Digital Assistant – a data operator solution by Bringing the fundamental right to an autonomous identity to every person by enabling trusted parties to act as a ‘trusted digital assistant’ in catering (in collaboration with
User-friendly Management Interface for Verifier Policies by Verifiable Credentials To allow resource owners to specify in controlled natural language their policies for granting access to users who possess verifiable credentials. VerifiableCredentials

The 8-month Business-oriented Programme offers business and technical support to integrate SSI technology with market propositions and it’s structured in 3 competitive stages (only the best performing projects in each phase are entering the next).

The initial stage, which expanded for the first month, was intended for the teams to work in the Proof of concept of their projects and to start building their business case. They both presented the outcomes of their work during business pitches and technology demonstrations in the online Hackathon which took part on September 16th and 17th. All the 19 projects who took part in this first stage, including those by Filancore, Wellbeing cart, MyData Global and Spherity, will receive € 15,000 funding to reward their efforts.

During the second stage, which already is ongoing, the 15 selected teams will work during the next 5 months on their developments to create a mock-up and a Prototype and on their business models and will cooperate among them to create a real ecosystem ensuring interoperability and scalability. Funding linked to the participation in this stage is € 50,000.

Only the best-in-class teams from those will reach the third stage and focus on testing their MVPs and defining Business models to get a final funding of € 41,000.

Are you curious about which ones will be those completing the programme?

Follow up the course of the programme at eSSIF-Lab space in NGI Community and join us in congratulating all the participating teams on their development efforts so far!

Last but not least, 2nd Business-oriented Call is expected to launch in late spring 2021, and it will be open to SMEs and startups developing commercial SSI-based applications and services with focus in the verticals of HealthTech, eGovernment, Education or competing in the generic track of Open Disruptive Innovation. Follow the updates in NGI Online Community!