After a tough competition among interesting proposals, eSSIF-Lab has selected 11 most promising projects out of 21 proposals submitted in the open call. There were 154 applications started all together, from 27 countries.

Are you curious to know what SSI Solutions will be joining the 2nd Business-oriented Programme?

Meet them:
Blockchain Certified Data Academic Verifiable Credentials (Academic VCs) –
Upstream Dream AB Patient-controlled information flows for learning health systems (The LHS project) –
Mopso Srl Amlet (A.W.) –
Credenco B.V. Digital Certificate of Good Conduct (CoCG) –
Stichting Cherrytwist Decentralized Open Innovation Platform (DOIP) –
Truu Ltd Healthcare Professionals Digital Staff Passport (Health DSP) –
Fair BnB Network Società Cooperativa Stay Fair, Play Fair – a co-operative habitat for music  –
ZENLIFE SARL-S Zenlife eConsent – – under construction
LearningProof UG HonorBox-SSI –
WorkPi B.V. Work Performance Intelligence (WorkPi) – AG European Bank Identity Credentials (Eubic) –
If you want to know more about these projects, summaries of all the SSI Solutions under development will be published in the projects section of the website soon.
Project teams that got it are currently active and running the 1st stage of the Programme which is the development of the Proof of Concept, the official Programme kick-off took place on Friday 10th September 2021. There’s 15K€ available in this 1st stage. Hackathon will be the following, taking place by the end of September, where those best in class will be selected to join Stage 2 of the Programme.

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