LetsTrust.org offers Enterprise and Consumer Wallets for Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) under Apache 2 (permissive open source license), compliant with new global and EU SSI standards.

SSI must become a commodity that is accessible to everyone. Therefore, our open source libraries and SDKs will enable developers / organizations to seamlessly adopt Europe’s emerging decentralized identity system – based on the EU Blockchain (EBSI) and the EU SSI Framework (ESSIF).

The Company
LetsTrust.org is an European company building open source software in the field of Self-Sovereign Identity.

The Mission
We enable developers to build identity and trust into the web and every application.

Get in touch to learn more: office@letstrust.org 

Country: Austria
Further information: https://letstrust.io   
Team: SSI Fabrik GmbH

GitLab: https://gitlab.grnet.gr/essif-lab/infrastructure_2/letstrust