DOOR empowers participating entities in the ESSIF-Framework to establish trust by providing strong verifiable evidence and assurances on the origin and integrity of the presented verifiable credentials. DOOR achieves this goal by building a trusted layer between interacting parties that is based on strong cryptographic privacy-preserving tools. In this way, DOOR can enable the handling of VCs requiring higher level of assurances locally at the holder’s wallet.

We achieve the above goal by providing a new component on the Holder side that enables the use of hardware-based keys and offers the possibility to bind Verifiable Credentials (VCs) to the wallet of the holder. In this way, we transfer the root of trust of the SSI ecosystem purely on the digital wallet by considering an underlying Trusted Component as part of the wallet, without making any assumptions on the trustworthiness of the other layers.

Innovators can build on our extension to integrate hardware-based keys and bring trust to the holder’s wallets, thus, enabling the vision of a decentralized data protected approach for Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI). Since the DOOR component is agnostic to the implementation of the wallet and the type of the VC Data Model considered (e.g. W3C or Indy), multiple SSI ecosystems can interoperate in a trustworthy manner. Overall, innovators can use our component to create a hardware-based trust anchor and build services that offer a high level of assurance.