Open sourcing Evernym’s credential exchange platform

At Evernym, we have a history of open sourcing our work. Until now, we have kept the top layer of our SSI architecture proprietary. This layer provides a much easier to use SDK and platform for developers to create compelling SSI deployments compared to the lower level Hyperledger Indy/Ursa/Aries stack.

We want to encourage anyone to develop SSI solutions. For this reason, we will use our ESSIF-Lab grant to convert our proprietary software into repositories covered by a business source license, which itself will convert to an open source Apache 2.0 license after 36 months.

This will enable anyone to use and develop on our code, with all non production use permitted as well as production use up to a limit.

We believe this will accelerate SSI adoption, removing technical and commercial barriers to entry, by providing the world with access to the best SSI technology available.

Evernym’s products that are the target of this open sourcing initiative cover enterprise and consumer uses:

  • Verity: our enterprise SSI SDK and server to operate on-premise or as Saas. This performs all enterprise functions that are needed in an SSI ecosystem including forming DID connections, authentication, credential issuance and verification.
  • Mobile SDK: our app SDK to allow anyone to build Android or iOS based apps with full SSI wallet functionality.
  • Connect.Me: our mobile app that provides SSI wallet capability for making DID connections, holding credentials and sending proofs.

Country: United Kingdom
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