Use bank-issued verifiable credentials to prove your identity when requesting and presenting your diploma.

The objective of this project is to extend the existing bank identity scheme yes (about 1000 banks) with the capability to issue verifiable credentials asserting bank-verified identities. This will allow graduated students to prove their identity when requesting their diploma (again as verifiable credentials). Subsequently, both credentials can be used in combination to prove the graduation and the identity of the holder of the diploma.

The bank identity credential can certainly be used in other scenarios, such as onboarding with insurance websites, car sharing, vacation flat rental services, or age verification for gaming.

The project will also underpin the service with a sustainable business model and the suitable security level. As a result, bank customers can enjoy the freedom of self sovereignty while financial institutions will have an incentive and security allowing them to contribute their tremendous reach of verified identity data to the European SSI ecosystem.


Country: Switzerland
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