SSI Meetup will host eSSIF-Lab on 31st March 2020 at 13:00 (CEST) for their online webinar nº 52 “eSSIF-Lab: creating & funding an interoperable SSI infrastructure in Europe


Our colleagues Oskar van Deventer and Rieks Joosten (from TNO in the Netherlands) will take the chance to explain:

  • WHY: the eSSIF-Lab vision, objectives, and intended benefits;
  • WHAT: its (initial) functional architecture/components;
  • HOW: ways in which you may contribute (and possibly get funded for that).

Two eSSIF-Lab open calls are now admitting applications so,

don’t miss the chance! 

In eSSIF-Lab, we want to strengthen internet trustworthiness with electronic identities by supporting the further development, integration and adoption of SSI technologies.


To this purpose, we are building the eSSIF-Lab SSI Framework jointly with SSI ecosystem by using a cascade funding approach: the framework will be built upon extensions that will be selected through the Infrastructure-oriented open call and it will be dedicated to the development of generic  services that use SSI (to be selected by the 1st Business-oriented Open Call) and SSI-based applications (to be selected by the 2nd Business-oriented Open Call). From these, both Infrastructure-oriented call and First Business-oriented Call are alive now.


Learn more about us or join the conversation at eSSIF-Lab space at NGI Community!