eSSIF-Lab Framework

The eSSIF-Lab framework is a software framework that will be built upon the extensions provided through its Infrastructure-oriented open call, and is dedicated to the development of generic  services that use SSI (to be developed with the support of the eSSIF-Lab 1st Business-oriented Programme) and SSI-based applications (that will be supported by the eSSIF-Lab 2nd Business-oriented Programme).


gitlab essif-lab

Architecture & work in progress

This means all foreseen eSSIF-Lab open calls are directly related to the eSSIF-Lab architecture, which will remain work in progress during the whole eSSIF-Lab project (2020-2022).  

Find out more about eSSIF-Lab Vision and Functional Architecture

Enjoy the ecosystem

All participants in eSSIF-Lab will work jointly in the ecosystem to ensure interoperability, scalability of solutions, and the fit-for-purpose of solutions, helping eSSIF-Lab to maintain a shared vision, functional architecture and specifications of functionalities, API’s, ways of working etc.


eSSIF-Lab is funded by the European Commission, as part of the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, under Grant Agreement Nº 871932 and it’s framed under Next Generation Internet Initiative.