Enabling effective, inclusive and self-sovereign collaboration on multi-stakeholder challenges

The challenges facing society require many parties to collaborate, effectively. Cherrytwist is designed for multi-stakeholder challenges, allowing wider societal involvement (inclusiveness), greater societal impact and ultimately increasing our collective ability to solve hard problems like climate change.

Decentralization is a core guiding principle, reflected in design choices at all levels: core patterns cannot be retrofitted later. Two examples: usage of non-verified credentials for authorization, actor model for interactions between entities (e.g. challenges, users).

Next is the usage of SSI for citizen engagement in The Hague (partner: The Hague). Further we will work to shape and provide feedback on how the patterns of usage and policy guidelines should evolve (partner: Digicampus). On the technical side a Trust Framework will be defined, integrating with CBAS for managing authorizations and finally also exploring how to move towards externally held wallets (partner: Jolocom).


Country: Netherlands
Further information: https://alkem.io
Team: Stichting Cherrytwist, operating under the brand name Alkemio

GitLab: https://gitlab.grnet.gr/essif-lab/business_2/alkemio/DIOP_project_summary