BRIDGE for ledger-agnostic interoperable issuance and verification of W3C verifiable credentials

SICPA proposes 3 technologic building blocks that will enhance interoperability and scalability by giving freedom of choice between verifiable credentials exchange protocols (DIDcomm & CHAPI), credential type (JSON-LD & Anoncreds) and DID-methods.

Indeed, companies will be able to select the best technical option for their own ecosystem and use-case, knowing that the issued credentials will be broadly compatible with all wallets and therefore saving development and operational costs. Thus, verifiable credentials exchange and verification will be greatly facilitated and scalable. SICPA’s ambition is to build bridges between various technical approaches in order to facilitate and encourage the adoption of identity systems based on verifiable credentials by citizens, governments, organizations, guaranteeing inclusion for all, avoiding segregation based on technology or providers. Finally, as the holder will have a broad choice of wallets, it will create sound competition and foster innovation.

Country: Spain
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Team: SICPA Spain S.L.U.