eSSIF-Lab is organising a Q&A session about both its Infrastructure-oriented and its Second Business-oriented Open Call to help potential applicants craft an effective proposal and to help them solve their doubts and questions about the application proccess.


On Friday, 18th of June 2021 at 11:00 am (Brussels Local Time), we will be answering all your questions about the application process, the programme, framework and the value of the eSSIF-Lab’s Open Calls during this session.


The Q&A session is online, free and open to all interested people.


The Infrastructure-Oriented Open Call targets the development and testing of open source Self-Sovereign Identity components for eSSIF-Lab Framework which fall within the SSI concept (i.e. technologies which allow individuals to control their electronic identities and guard their privacy) and offers funding up to 155,000 € to selected companies.

On the other hand, Second Business-oriented Open Call is looking for proposals to develop and demonstrate SSI working solutions for a real-world, domain-oriented problem or opportunity, in prioritized eSSIF-Lab areas (Health Tech, e-Government and Education), or in the Open Disruptive Innovation track and offers to selected companies an 8-month acceleration programme, including business and technical support to integrate eSSIF-Lab and other SSI technology with market propositions, and funding up to 106,000 € (for the best in class).

The deadline to apply for both Open Calls is on 7th of July 2020 at 17:00 (Brussels Local Time).


Join the Q&A session and find out all you need!